Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Welcome to my new weblog. :-)

This weblog is to post updates to the fact that I'll soon be moving.
Here are the last several updates:

Update 07-05-08
This is probably inconsequential, but I have learned that this apartment complex, called "Tamaron Ranch", comprises of 796 apartment units. Hopefully I won't get lost in this "ranch" while coming home from the store, the bank, or the UPS place - all in a nearby strip mall.

See the aerial photograph at the top of this weblog.

Update 07-07-08

We will have movers - not just my sister and my elderly father as had been planned previously.

Another aerial view of the location courtesy of Microsoft Maps.

The link to Microsoft Maps was emailed to me by B.V. on the evening of 07-06-08...thank you B.V.!!!

Update 07-08-08

Here is the floor plan of the new place.

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