Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update 07-22-08

Update 07-22-08
Three more items that should have been packed (not including the test equipment I mentioned that was intentionally left un-packed earlier) were found that ought to go with me: the "belly button light" with flashing blue LEDs, a red LED blinker that uses two AA cells, and the cellular tephone detector pen (it has a red LED in its top that blinks whenever a nearby cellular telephone rings - even if that telephone is set to "mute"). Two of these have evaulation web pages on one of my websites; the third simply functions as a kind of night light even though it is not actually useful for what most people consider a "night light".

My sister and myself went through the garage yesterday evening, marking what to bring to the new house and what to bring to storage. My Rascal 255 electric wheelchair went to the garbage, but my beloved Commodore Executive SX-64 and Commodore CBM 8032 computers were spared this fate; they will both go to long-term storage.

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