Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update 07-31-08

Update 07-31-08
Here are two views of the new house:

From across the street.

Closer, showing the front door.

I also plan to make a test flight of one of the large R/C airplanes that was very slightly damaged during the move and has been subsequently repaired - the actual repair simply involved some of the included glue and a few moments of my time (this is the airplane that had a break in the tail section - some of the previous glue job came apart; nothing was physically broken here except a small segment of a vertical elevator - it too went on properly and very quickly; this particular damage {the break in the vertical elevator} occurred after moving, rather than during the move).

And finally, I was able to successfully perform spectroscopy of sunlight - something I was not able to do at my last two locations where I had access to the spectrometer due to the direction the bedroom window faced. I published the resulting chart on my website and posted it to two BBSs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update 07-30-08

Update 07-30-08
Looks like I'll be able to perform spectroscopy of sunlight after all! Between ~9:00am and ~11:00am PDT, the sun does indeed shine where it can strike the instrument through my window (and of course, I'll caption the resulting graphic that it was taken through window glass in case the glass attenuates certain wavelengths).

I'm making this update with a dial-up connection on my desktop pee-cee; broadband requires that I obtain one of those cordless network cards.
I know, they're called "WIRELESS", but the word "wireless" implies cellular communication (such as cellular telephony); the word "cordless" does not.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update 07-29-08

Update 07-29-08
I have successfully moved; damage found in the move was extremely minor - just a repairable deformation of the tail section of one R/C airplane, and another repairable break in the tail section of another R/C airplane.

I'm making this update with a dial-up connection on my laptop computer (and this dinosaur really *IS* a "laptop" and not a "notebook"!!!); the main computer has not yet been installed - I'm waiting for my father to assemble the desk before that computer can be installed.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Update 07-25-08

Update 07-25-08
Well, I got a brief reprieve - until ~9:00am PDT today anyway.
So I can answer my email and do some of the other things I normally do.
But me without internet access is like steak without eggs, milk without the cream, oatmeal without a sweetening agent, etc.

My stepmother needs to borrow my last $300, so the shopping trip I had planned for an hour from now is cancelled.

Once we pass 9:00am PDT, I'll not only disconnect this computer, I'll want to wash my clothes & blanket, pack the remainder of my stuff, and thoroughly check the entire place to be absolutely, positively, 100% certain that nothing really important gets left behind - as this will be my last full day at this addre


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update 07-24-08

Update 07-24-08
MOVING PLANS HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY!!! I will lose access to this computer - well, *ALL* computers actually - today!!! Therefore, this will be the last update to this weblog until at least 07-28-08, possibly later - ***MUCH*** later!!!

I found another item that needs to go: the Energizer Rechargeable Flashlight.

I have disconnected my USB2000 Spectrometer from one of my computers and screwed the metal "bung" over its light input aperture to help protect it from foreign matter. The next time this instrument will get used is sometime after 07-28-08 when I'm at my new location.

I could be without internet access (and therefore not able to post any additional updates to my website) until as late as 09-01-08 for Christ sakes!!!

Although this is highly unlikely, the probability of this occurring is not mathematically zero.

Update 07-24-08

Update 07-24-08
An item was found that should have probably been packed - a tritium (self-glowing) torch (I suppose I *COULD* call it a "flashlight", but it's a little on the dim side for that).
I have an evaluation of it on my website at if you're interested.

Regarding that free CBM8032 computer, I was finally successful in posting my ad to yesterday morning; I got one telephone call just a matter of minutes after posting, but the person who called asked if they could "surf the web" with it - I told them that it was *VERY* old and that surfing the net with it would *DEFINITELY NOT* be possible. A caller a short time later asked if it could run DOS applications - I told this person much the same as I told the previous one

Later on (after receiving a third telphone call at ~2:40pm PDT yesterday); the computer was then picked up at ~2:54pm PDT, so it is no longer in any "dumpster danger".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update 07-23-08

Update 07-23-08
The move is now planned to occur on 07-27-08 (this coming Sunday).
Therefore, the Commodore CBM8032 computer that I had offered at no charge yesterday needs to find a home by 07-26-08, or else bad things might happen to it. :-(

There's still a decent chance that I can take it with me and offer it as a freebie at the new place, but the possibility of this occuring is not absolutely, positively, 100%.

I'm probably going to lose the use of this computer sometime on Saturday 07-26-08 (possibly Friday 07-25-08); and will remain offline until no earlier than 07-28-08 - however there is a small but not insignificant chance that it could be for many days or even close to one month!!! :o

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update 07-22-08

Update 07-22-08
***FREE*** Commodore CBM8032 computer!!!
No, this isn't a joke,
Yes, I said FREE!!!

Commodore CBM8032 computer; with green screen monitor built in.
This computer is in full working order.
I really hate to have to get rid of it, but my stepmother (who's house we'll be moving to on or very shortly prior to 08-01-08) is pretty adamant{sp?} that I dispose of it. :(
I'm offering it *FREE* to help ensure that somebody gets it rather than knowing that the "big fat meanie" {from SpongeBob SquarePants} (garbage truck) got it. :(

My web page about it is at

The only stipulation is that *YOU* have to come & pick it up - it is far too large and heavy for me to take to The UPS Store in my electric wheelchair to ship it.

Please call me at 1-916-422-1355 (landline) or 1-206-390-9749 (cellular).
9:00am to 8:00pm Pacific time, please.
I am located in Sacramento CA. USA.

Update 07-22-08

Update 07-22-08
Three more items that should have been packed (not including the test equipment I mentioned that was intentionally left un-packed earlier) were found that ought to go with me: the "belly button light" with flashing blue LEDs, a red LED blinker that uses two AA cells, and the cellular tephone detector pen (it has a red LED in its top that blinks whenever a nearby cellular telephone rings - even if that telephone is set to "mute"). Two of these have evaulation web pages on one of my websites; the third simply functions as a kind of night light even though it is not actually useful for what most people consider a "night light".

My sister and myself went through the garage yesterday evening, marking what to bring to the new house and what to bring to storage. My Rascal 255 electric wheelchair went to the garbage, but my beloved Commodore Executive SX-64 and Commodore CBM 8032 computers were spared this fate; they will both go to long-term storage.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Update 07-21-08

Update 07-21-08
Moving is now in full countdown mode.
I can count the number of days on just my fingers now - no toes needed.

Two more items were found that ought to go with me: a Nuwai 20xLED lantern that I keep on the bathroom floor between the toliet and the vanity, and the blue LED "faucet light" that was on the faucet of my bathroom lavatory.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update 07-20-08

Update 07-20-08
I found yet a few more unboxed items:
  • Inova X2 Flashlight
  • Fenix L0P Flashlight
  • Garrity SmartLite Flashlight
  • Flashing Bicycle Lights (for spokes)
  • Two (2) Guide Gear 8x LED Tent Lights
  • Solar Light (bicycle taillight)
  • Sauce LightSprite
  • HP color printer
  • Two wall clocks
  • Bedroom furniture (bed, night table, dresser, desk)
  • Various bathroom products (soap, shampoo, armpit deodouriser, Rx drugs, OTC drugs, vitamins, toliet paper {or "paper toliets" as I called it as a child}, aerosol bathroom cleaner, towels, washrags, etc.)
These items will remain unboxed until shortly before I leave.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update 07-19-08

Update 07-19-08
I have decided to keep the second (broken) Air Kite Glider; I forgot that I now have some adhesive that may be capable of repairing its broken "neck". If this is indeed the case, I'll have a spare on hand in case I break one while making the test flight(s).
So it will *NOT* end up in the dustbin (garbage can).

I've been asked on several occasions to perform spectroscopy of direct sunlight; that hasn't been possible here because of the direction my bed room window may be even less feasable at the new location due to my "view" (see the 07-18-08 update directly below). I didn't say that it would not be possible at all - I'll have to stay there at least one full day before I can make that determination. But it's rather unlikely in any case.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Update 07-18-08

Update 07-18-08
This will be a *TEMPORARY* home - six months to perhaps one year - then we'll be on the move again.
I have a few other unboxed items (besides furniture) that I forgot to mention yesterday:

  • Canon Powershot G3 digital camera
  • Red diode laser (for playing with the kitty cats)
  • Rigel Skylight Mini
  • Stick Up Bub
  • Bell & Howell Mini Power Pod
  • 9 volt LED Torch Kit (completed)
  • Large coffee cup with {vulgar term for male urinator}-shaped handle (I simply forgot to pack it)
  • Analogue wristwatch with square face
  • Digibeat LED wristwatch with blue LED display
  • At least one AC power strip
  • Several books about used-up old insulaters (yes, I collect those things)
  • Air Kite Glider (like the other R/C aircraft, it's simply too large to fit into a box)

I have a second Air Kite Glider, but it is broken. I'm going to disembowel it to harvest its LEDs before disposing of the rest.

Here are eight more photographs of the new place:

A bathroom that will be shared by my sister and I.

Another bathroom I can use if I have to "go" and my sister's in the other.

View of the back patio.

Another view of same.


View of the park directly across the street - this is where I'll be able to fly my R/C airplanes.

Another view of same.

And another view of same.

My current room measures 11 feet even by 9 feet 10 inches - so my new room will be smaller, but not as much smaller as I thought it would be. So beam cross-sectional analysis may indeed be possible after all.

The view from the window in my room is not very spectacular; there is a tall (~6.5 feet) brownish-grey wooden fence approximately 3.5 feet from the window, then the next door neighbour's house ~3.5 feet beyond that. And there is no readily apparent "distance" laser testing range either. The only place devoid of homes & automobiles is the park across the street, but there appear to be houses along the entire perimeter of the area - and shooting lasers into such an area would be a rather severe no-no.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update 07-17-08

Update 07-17-08
As of 12:24pm PDT 07-16-08, the moving van was reported to be on the way.
I have boxed up the vast majority of my belongings (except for the following):

  • This computer (including 19" LCD flat panel monitor, keyboard, mouse, and small speakers)
  • Clothes & shoes
  • 14 music CDs
  • Portable "discman"-type CD player with earphones
  • Some test equipment (DMM, light meter, ruler, noncontact IR thermometer, laser power meter, USB2000 spectrometer)
  • Precalibrated paper test target
  • One medium and four large R/C flying machines (the R/Cs for them are already boxed up)
  • LED tester
  • Television set
  • Desk tephone w/answering machine
  • MagicJack (for broadband telephony)
  • Floor fan
  • Two alarm clocks
  • SpongeBob SquarePants and Gary the snail plush
  • Color Shine Flashlight
  • 120+mW Blu-ray laser (TLBV2.1)
  • Spider Fire LED (SSC P7) Flashlight
  • 5 watt LED Desk Lamp
  • Coast 4-Color Recon Flashlight
  • McLux EN Nickel Flashlight w/McFlood reflector
  • Arc AAA UV Flashlight (newest version)
  • SureFire E1L Outdoorsman Flashlight
  • Guardian Angel (an upgraded version of the Sentina nightlight/power failure light/motion detector light)
  • Floor lamp with five LED bulbs
  • Approximately 14 telegraph, telephone, and electric power insulators

These items have not yet been boxed up because - for the most part - I'll be needing them for the next two weeks we'll be here.
The moving van showed up at 2:47pm PDT yesterday to pick up many boxes and some furniture.

Here are a few photographs of the new place:

The outside front of the house.

My room, looking toward the window from near the door.

My room again, looking toward the closet (and door) from near the window.
My room measures 10 feet 2 inches by 9 feet 8 inches, so there may *NOT* be sufficient space here in which to install the ProMetric beam cross-sectional analyser - but as the old saying goes, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.