Sunday, January 15, 2017

The LED (and Laser) Museum has lost almost EVERYTHING!!! :-(

Update 01-15-17
All of our belongings stored in two (2) storage lockers have been lost -- the contents of both storage units were auctioned off sometime within the last several days for nonpayment of rent!

This includes my bedroom furniture (my bed, night table, lamps, etc.), my $10,000.00+ electric wheelchair, all of my clothes, almost all (98% anyway) of my flashlights, task lights, lasers, R/C aircraft, miscellaneous products, my beloved GE AR-1 argon glow bulb, all of my vintage, rare, and antique LEDs, two hard-sided memorabilia cases with old photographs, magazines with lengthy articles about me or my website, etc. -- the more I think about what was in there, the sadder I become.

All I have left are my Arc-LS Prototype flashlight, my 2003 Arc AAA "CPF Special" light, a rechargeable UVA "cat piss detector" from Advancedmart, my Skytech green directly-injected Class IV laser, a blue-emitting portable laser, two laptop computers, my Ocean Optics USB2000 spectrometer, my LaserBee USB 2.0 laser power meter, and a couple of busted drones.