Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update 07-31-08

Update 07-31-08
Here are two views of the new house:

From across the street.

Closer, showing the front door.

I also plan to make a test flight of one of the large R/C airplanes that was very slightly damaged during the move and has been subsequently repaired - the actual repair simply involved some of the included glue and a few moments of my time (this is the airplane that had a break in the tail section - some of the previous glue job came apart; nothing was physically broken here except a small segment of a vertical elevator - it too went on properly and very quickly; this particular damage {the break in the vertical elevator} occurred after moving, rather than during the move).

And finally, I was able to successfully perform spectroscopy of sunlight - something I was not able to do at my last two locations where I had access to the spectrometer due to the direction the bedroom window faced. I published the resulting chart on my website and posted it to two BBSs.

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