Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update 07-24-08

Update 07-24-08
An item was found that should have probably been packed - a tritium (self-glowing) torch (I suppose I *COULD* call it a "flashlight", but it's a little on the dim side for that).
I have an evaluation of it on my website at if you're interested.

Regarding that free CBM8032 computer, I was finally successful in posting my ad to yesterday morning; I got one telephone call just a matter of minutes after posting, but the person who called asked if they could "surf the web" with it - I told them that it was *VERY* old and that surfing the net with it would *DEFINITELY NOT* be possible. A caller a short time later asked if it could run DOS applications - I told this person much the same as I told the previous one

Later on (after receiving a third telphone call at ~2:40pm PDT yesterday); the computer was then picked up at ~2:54pm PDT, so it is no longer in any "dumpster danger".

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