Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update 07-24-08

Update 07-24-08
MOVING PLANS HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY!!! I will lose access to this computer - well, *ALL* computers actually - today!!! Therefore, this will be the last update to this weblog until at least 07-28-08, possibly later - ***MUCH*** later!!!

I found another item that needs to go: the Energizer Rechargeable Flashlight.

I have disconnected my USB2000 Spectrometer from one of my computers and screwed the metal "bung" over its light input aperture to help protect it from foreign matter. The next time this instrument will get used is sometime after 07-28-08 when I'm at my new location.

I could be without internet access (and therefore not able to post any additional updates to my website) until as late as 09-01-08 for Christ sakes!!!

Although this is highly unlikely, the probability of this occurring is not mathematically zero.

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