Monday, July 14, 2008

Update 07-14-08

Update 07-14-08
I have been told that because there will be three animals at the new house (the two kitty cats we have and the black lab that my father & stepmother have) that I'll have to vaccume my room *EVERY SINGLE DAY* whether I think it needs it or not!!! My stepmother (who's house we'll be moving to) apparently has a phobia about pet fur. This is only a minor pain in the toliet muscle ("butt") in the grand scheme of things though, and I think I can live with it.

The only other known inconvenience at this new location is that there is no food store, drug store, bank, or shipping facility (like a post office, The UPS Store or Federal Express) anywhere within range of my electric wheelchair. This simply means that I'll have to get my sister to drive me to the food store, drug store, and bank; and that I'll have to purchase much more than normal to keep the number of trips necessary to a minimum - I rather dislike having to "go bye bye in the car" so doing this will reduce the number of trips necessary in any given time frame. This means I'll be stuck at home on a virtually continuous basis.
I think I'll keep my "Moving" web page (and its associated weblog) open after I move, so that I may still publish updates as needed...I have a sneaking suspicion that my "computer time" will decrease and my chores will increase after the move - you know how mothers are.

Although my "computer time" will very likely decrease sharply, you can bet that The LED Museum will continue to function much as it always has.

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