Friday, July 18, 2008

Update 07-18-08

Update 07-18-08
This will be a *TEMPORARY* home - six months to perhaps one year - then we'll be on the move again.
I have a few other unboxed items (besides furniture) that I forgot to mention yesterday:

  • Canon Powershot G3 digital camera
  • Red diode laser (for playing with the kitty cats)
  • Rigel Skylight Mini
  • Stick Up Bub
  • Bell & Howell Mini Power Pod
  • 9 volt LED Torch Kit (completed)
  • Large coffee cup with {vulgar term for male urinator}-shaped handle (I simply forgot to pack it)
  • Analogue wristwatch with square face
  • Digibeat LED wristwatch with blue LED display
  • At least one AC power strip
  • Several books about used-up old insulaters (yes, I collect those things)
  • Air Kite Glider (like the other R/C aircraft, it's simply too large to fit into a box)

I have a second Air Kite Glider, but it is broken. I'm going to disembowel it to harvest its LEDs before disposing of the rest.

Here are eight more photographs of the new place:

A bathroom that will be shared by my sister and I.

Another bathroom I can use if I have to "go" and my sister's in the other.

View of the back patio.

Another view of same.


View of the park directly across the street - this is where I'll be able to fly my R/C airplanes.

Another view of same.

And another view of same.

My current room measures 11 feet even by 9 feet 10 inches - so my new room will be smaller, but not as much smaller as I thought it would be. So beam cross-sectional analysis may indeed be possible after all.

The view from the window in my room is not very spectacular; there is a tall (~6.5 feet) brownish-grey wooden fence approximately 3.5 feet from the window, then the next door neighbour's house ~3.5 feet beyond that. And there is no readily apparent "distance" laser testing range either. The only place devoid of homes & automobiles is the park across the street, but there appear to be houses along the entire perimeter of the area - and shooting lasers into such an area would be a rather severe no-no.

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