Sunday, March 16, 2014

My aunt Voni has become worm food. :-(

Update 03-16-14
My aunt Voni quietly passed away Thursday morning (03-13-14) ; I went into her room to give her some meds at approx. 9:10am PDT and noted that she had no respiration or palpable pulse, and the skin on her face felt unusually cool to the touch. I attached an automatic blood pressure cuff "just to be sure it's Westinghouse" (as my deceased best friend used to say) and was not able to obtain a reading of any type. I quickly got on the blower with my mother and had her come right away.

Guess I'll be coding another memorial web page within the next week or so.
I really hate having to do that; but doing just that ensures that memories of her will live imperpetuity {yeah, I'm sure I spelled that one correctly!}

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