Friday, December 12, 2008

Update 12-12-08

Update 12-12-08
My stepmother flew up to western Washington (or "Warshington" if you prefer) yesterday in order to scope out some houses that are potential candidates for us to move into later this month. She is expected to be there until 12-15-08.

A "big old jet airliner" {Steve Miller Band reference here} like my stepmother got on yesterday.

I went through more boxes of my belongings selecting what to keep and what to dispose of; the "Big Fat Meanie" (from SpongeBob SquarePants) {garbage truck} is going to get a lot of my lights and other belongings - out of approximately nine medium U-Haul boxes, I'm keeping only a single medium box (slightly smaller than a U-Haul medium) - so you can see a lot of stuff will end up at the dump real soon...possibly as soon as later today.

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Hank Roberts said...

onooooo, too late?
I could store some stuff for you, email sent just a few minutes ago