Monday, December 1, 2008

Update 12-01-08

Update The Day my Website Died :-( (12-01-08)
Today is "Beezelmon's Big Day" {obscure Digimon reference here} - my LED website is now officially mainly archival-only; however I will still be testing LEDs (providing beam photographs, Vf and If measurements, intensity measurements, performing spectroscopy and {when possible} beam cross-sectional analyses) -- and evaluating small lasers much as I always have.

Evaluations of flashlights and other products (other than small lasers) are now only being performed if the sender pays for return shipping. "The Smack Test" and "The Immersion Test" will only be performed with explicit written consent (not just implied oral consent) and the sender agrees to the product's return even if one or both tests result in damage to the unit that would prohibit its resale.

The decision to scale back like this *** IS NOT *** mine; my parents (whom I live with primarily for financial reasons) are absolutely, positively, 100% adamant that I dispose of much of my existing test stock and limit new evaluations to only those products for which return shipping is paid.

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