Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update 08-31-08

Update Labour Day eve (08-31-08)
I received a large rechargeable spotlight on Friday, and both of my parents (whom I live with) were rather urinated about my having purchased it because of its size.
This means that I will no longer be able to evaluate large products on my website - they'd get totally pissed if I were to receive another large product after having been told that doing so was a rather severe no-no.


Julian said...

Greetings from Bakersfield!
I was lurking on your LED Museum site and took notice of your very recent & quite hellacious move.
I was very glad to hear that it was successful, as I have a deep aversion to the wretched business, and have enjoyed your website for some years.

The Sheltie Herder said...

Who the hell are the parents to tell you how to...grrrrrrrr
If it makes you happy, then do it.
Even if it is hanging underneath a large samoan man while he makes pee pee on your face, then do it.
If it flying to the top of Everest, only so you can sprinkle the holy skunk gland from a sacred Buddhist-blessed skunk from Tibet, then do it.
I am not liking this parent stuff. I think you might need to smack them around a bit.
(Verbally of course.)