Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update 08-09-08

Update 08-09-08
The AC has been repaired, and my cleaning schedule now only includes vaccuming my room once weekly (Friday) instead of having to do it every single bloody day.
My cleaning/chores schedule now goes something like this:
  • Change the dog's water (one bowl and one bucket) 2x a day
  • Feed the kitty cats 2x a day
  • Clean out the plastic cat toliets (litterboxes) (three units) 3x a day
  • Set, unset, and clean the table 1x a day
  • Clean the kitchen; load & empty the dishdoucher 1x a day
  • Vaccume my room 1x a week (Fridays)
  • Do my wash (including my blanket and other bedclothes) 1x a week
In other news, I have had no TV at all since moving; my stepmother made me dispose of the set I had, and she furnished me with another set that turned out to be defective.

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