Friday, September 23, 2011

Update 09-23-11

Update 09-23-11
I guess I jumped the gun a bit...THIS will be my last entry from my present location; if everything progresses as it should (and so far, so good), I will be at the new location in approximately 35 hours as of this writing (5:01am PDT 09-23-11).

I'll be dismantling the computer system a bit later today.

If there's an unsecured wireless connection that my receiver can pick up at the new place, I may be able to post an "I've arrived" update on my laptop computer sometime on Saturday 09-24-11; but anything that involves money (such as Ebay, Paypal, my bank, etc.) will still be unavailable, as I would never input passwords to financial institutions and other sites that deal with anything "money" on an unsecured network. But if there is no wireless connection that my receiver can get, then you won't hear from me for at least several days.

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