Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update 07-02-11

Update 07-02-11
The military burial that was originally planned is now off the table; the new plan is to have his body creamated and the ashes given to us. When my stepmother "goes", her body will also be creamated and both of their ashes plus those of the puppy dogs are to be deposited near Puget Sound (in western Washington state USA) by my stepsister.

If you wish to donate to help assist with funeral expen$e$, you may do so via Paypal using the following button (this button may not display properly or at all in this weblog!)

If you aren't able to get this button to function properly (some have reported problems with it), you may go to Paypal directly at and send money to me at

If you wish to donate but do not use Paypal, you may email me at and request my mailing address so that you may dispatch a check or money order.
Thank you!!!

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