Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update 11-12-08

Update 11-12-08
As you may have already read here, I'll be moving yet again (this will be the fifth place I've had since putting my LED Museum website up) sometime in late-February 2009; I don't yet have the new address.

Once again, it isn't because of a tragedy or a missed HUD appointment; it's because my stepmother (whom I currently live with primarily due to financial reasons) wants to move to the Federal Way / Tukwila WA. USA area (~40 miles SE of Seattle) to be close to her sister, who is dying.

The duration of our stay is expected to be ~1 year, then it's probably back to Sacramento CA. USA.
My previous "Moving News" web page is right here; another page was created because the last one was simply getting too big for its britches.

I also used a Global Search and to change the address on the 1,954 web pages that make up my website; I changed them to a link that points to a single web page because if I didn't, I'd have to go through all of this rigamarole again in early-2010.

I will have to leave behind *MANY MORE* lights than was previously expected as well.

However, I will be keeping at least several; among them, the Arc LS prototype, the royal blue Arc LS, and a fair percentage of SureFire products. I also intend to keep at least some of my lasers: all Blu-ray (violet-emitting) lasers, at least one blue DPSS laser (probably this one), at least several green DPSS lasers, both yellow DPSS lasers, and several red lasers.


No, this is not a joke.
My website may be forced to go mainly archival in several months; new evaluations will be much fewer and farther apart. However, I *WILL* continue testing new LEDs, and intend to keep the Museum itself active.

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